We share the same values

When parents are arrested, children can face a myriad of challenges. Children of convicts are unprotected or recibe very low protection, making them vulnerable to abuse, explotaition or human trafficking. In addition, without adequate care and assistance, the psychological and emocional problems children of convict face can be overwhelming and can leave life-long scars.

What do we do to change their situation?

Awareness and advocacy

We are committed to breaking this negative downward spiral and raising awareness is the first step. We engage and cooperate constructively with governments, civil societies and corporate actors to raise awareness on what can be done to allow these children to grow up with dignity. Together we can work on solutions. Problems can be similar both no country is the same. Solutions always need to be tailored to the local context with full attention for socio-economic, cultural and gender specific differences.

Capacity building

We believe that we can have the biggest impact by strengthening care systems instead of working on single projects. Our capacity building work is aimed at making sure that sufficient and good quality care is available for all at-risk children, and children of convicts in particular.

Technical Expertise

Over the last 15 years we have gained a wealth of first hand-experience in working with children of convicts and traumatized children. Our staff includes leading global experts of children of convicts. By working closely with universities and hospitals in Europe and China, we are able to share this knowledge and stay up-to-date on the latest academic insights, best practices and international developments. Through our project work and via our contributions to international forums, including the United Nations, we are well connected to key experts around the world in the field.

Speak out

Children of convicts are mostly invisible in society. They often feel alone, afraid and ashamed to speak about the challenges they face. We have been working with them for 15 years and know their stories well. Through our work we have seen what can be done for these children and thereby we often have an impact on childcare and protection in general. We have told our story around the world, from small classrooms in Germany and China to the United Nations in Geneva. We remain committed to sharing this story because creating awareness about the challenges children of convicts face is the first step towards giving these children a fair chance in life.