What we are not

We are not a religious organization. Morning Tears respects all religions and cultures, but is not linked to any specific institution or creed.

We are not a politic organization. Morning Tears is part of no political party. It doesn’t support anti-government movements, or any other interest group. Morning Tears does not express or develop opinions on political issues other than policies related to the protection of the children of the damned. It foes not interfere with the judicial system of the countries. All people related to the organization will always maintain their neutrality. Morning Tears only accepts funds from political interest groups if there is a clear common understanding and does not compromise the neutrality of the organization.

Not just “for them”, but “by them”. Morning Tears is not only made by people who assist convicts. Many convicts’ sons and daughters are also volunteers.

We believe in children.  Wir glauben in die Kinder. Wij geloven in kinderen. Nous croyons en les enfants.

Morning Tears South Sudan

We take care of children of convicts, developing procedures to ensure childcare and protection.

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Poverty and violence in South Sudan

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